Californians Are Welcome Here

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So you’ve decided to make the move from California to Idaho. In Boise and around our state, we have a great quality of life and beautiful land to explore. But it’s hard to ignore the debate we’ve been having for decades: are Californians welcome here?

At Treasure Valley Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, there’s no debate at all. We are so happy that you’ve decided to make your home with us.

You remember those days with baby oil and iodine in pursuit of that perfectly bronze skin. Or maybe it was too many hours surfing without your shirt on, chasing that perfect wave. Our office is uniquely positioned to screen and treat you for any issues you may have – from melanoma to psoriasis – and to help you with your other skin care needs, including cosmetic dermatology. We want to be your go-to office as you make this life transition.

If you have seen a dermatologist in the past we can easily transfer your records for seamless continuity of care. If you have never seen a dermatologist we can get you established for the first time.

Call today to talk with us about why we love Idaho, and make your first appointment to meet our team. Together, we can start preventing and tackling your skin problems.

Welcome home!

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