Episode 02 - What is a Derm PA? A Discussion with Mariya Ostermiller

Mariya Ostermiller is a board certified Physician Assistant. She has practiced in dermatology for 14 years and joined Dr. Portela at the opening of Treasure Valley Dermatology in March 2018.

Join Dustin Portela (Between Two Derms) and Mariya Ostermiller (Treasure Valley Dermatology) as they talk about her experiences and learnings as a Dermatology PA. She shares the process of how she got into the field, from her education to finding her specialty. Mariya explains the intricacies of the trade, why she loves working in dermatology, the relationship dynamics between a PA and their supervising physician, and what goes on in their daily lives. Stay tuned to the podcast to hear what the common misconceptions with dermatology that her patients have!

By the end of the episode, you will appreciate how the medical field runs and see the importance of proper education in the health industry, but everyday life as well.

About Treasure Valley Dermatology:

Full service dermatology clinic in Boise, ID treating children and adults. Dr. Dustin Portela @208skindoc, & Mariya Ostermiller PA-C

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