Mole Removal

What is Mole Removal?

Many patients in Boise come to us for the cosmetic removal of moles and other benign skin lesions. Our experts can help you decide the most effective and cosmetic way to remove a mole you do not like.

When considering mole removal our boise dermatologists take into consideration the size, shape, duration, and especially location when recommending a method for mole removal. Although all surgeries leave a scar, our goal is to make this scar imperceptible to anyone but yourself. We have achieved an excellent cosmetic result for many patients seeking cosmetic mole removal. You can find many of our excellent before and after photos on our Instagram page.

Shave Removal

In many cases, a mole can be removed by a superficial shave done under local anesthesia. This works best for moles which are protruding above the surface of the skin to begin with. Our skincare experts anesthetize the area and shave the mole off leaving a smooth contour with your normal skin where the mole used to be. A superficial chemical peel is done to blend the edges of the surgical site with your normal skin. With proper wound care after the surgery and protection from the sunlight patients are left with an excellent cosmetic result.


When a mole is flat, or if a shave removal would not give an excellent cosmetic result our surgeons can excise a mole and place stitches in the area to leave an excellent cosmetic result. This type of mole removal is also done in the office under local anesthesia. When a mole is excised in this fashion it has a much lower chance of recurrence. Meticulous sutures are placed to close the skin where the mole used to be. These sutures are usually taken out one week later and the final result is a very fine linear scar.

Biopsy of your mole

When we remove a mole from the skin we will always send this to a pathologist for evaluation. This is a necessary part of cosmetic mole removal to make sure the mole has no cancerous cells or concerning features. When we provide you with a quote for mole removal we can also provide you with information on the costs of this biopsy from the lab. We work with many different labs that have very reasonable fees.


When we remove a mole for cosmetic reasons it is a procedure that is unfortunately not covered by insurance. The cost will depend on the location of the mole, its size, and the method used to remove the mole. For these reasons we cannot provide accurate pricing information over the phone without seeing the mole. We encourage you to come in for a cosmetic consultation so that you may have the most accurate information and pricing for your procedure. Your cosmetic consultation fee is always applied to the cost of your procedure.

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Moles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and risk factors. Ask the dermatology experts at Treasure Valley Dermatology about and causes for concern.

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