Skin Cancer Prevention

How to help prevent Skin Cancer

Years of outdoor activities, work, or hobbies provide a fulfilling life, but increase your risk for skin cancer. We have seen many patients frustrated with the development of numerous, sometimes dozens of skin cancers in their lifetime. The experts at Treasure Valley Dermatology understand the frustration patients experience when they need to have several skin cancer surgeries every year.

Our goal is to properly treat any existing skin cancer and develop a comprehensive plan to limit your risk of developing new cancerous growths. Many patients feel that it is too late to begin using sunscreen because the “damage has been done”. However, there are still many things that a patient can do to prevent the development of additional skin cancers.

Please speak to your provider at Treasure Valley Dermatology to discuss the many treatment options aimed at preventing skin cancer.

Topical Immune Therapies

Many patients with a history of cancerous and precancerous growths can benefit from treatment with topical therapies. 5-fluorouracil (Efudex), imiquimod (Aldara), ingenol mebutate (Picato), and other therapies help your body to eliminate sun damaged cells and prevent the development of additional skin cancer.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels aren’t just for fine lines and wrinkles. Our physicians are experts at using medical grade chemical peels to target areas of sun damage and eliminate precancerous growths in a single office visit. The procedure takes less than an hour including prep time and can provide long lasting reduction in precancerous skin lesions.

Nutritional Supplements

New evidence suggests that certain over the counter nutritional supplements may decrease an individual's lifetime risk of developing additional skin cancers. Speak to your Treasure Valley Dermatology provider to understand if you may benefit from adding the right nutritional supplements to your daily routine.

Professional Sunscreens

We are proud to offer high quality sunscreens from Elta MD and SkinCeuticals for our patients. Many patients, especially men, are hesitant to use sunscreen daily because of the feel or smell of the available over the counter products. We have carefully selected products that we offer in the office to fit with your daily routine. Regardless of when you start using sunscreen it can make a difference in the development of skin cancer.

To receive a skin examination or dermatologic treatment, request an appointment or call Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center in Boise today.

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Skin Cancer prevention options can vary significantly from patient to patient depending on skin type and sun exposure.

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