Skin Tag & Age Spot Removal

What are Skin Tags & Age Spots?

Skin tags and age spots occur on nearly everyone to some degree over the course of a lifetime. While many people are not bothered by these lesions they can be distressing for others.

Our Boise dermatologist, Dr. Portela and our physician assistant Mariya Ostermiller understand that skin tags and age spots can be removed in many different ways. We always help you select the most cosmetically appropriate method to remove these spots.


One of the most common methods to remove skin tags and age spots is with cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the spot using a spray, a q-tip, or cryo-tweezers. Cryotherapy results in momentary discomfort. The spots that are treated will fall off in several days. For large spots occasionally a second treatment will be needed.

Excision or shave removal

When lesions are large, or are protruding away from the skin we can often remove them under local anesthesia by shaving them off, or snipping them off with fine scissors. This leaves an excellent cosmetic result. Our skincare experts will determine if the lesion removed needs to be sent for a biopsy which will be discussed with you prior to the procedure.


Most insurance companies no longer cover the treatment of skin tags or age spots. We understand that these lesions can be painful, itchy, or otherwise bothersome. Despite their symptoms their removal is not covered by insurance. We strive to make their treatment cost effective for patients and charge $150 for up to 15 lesions treated at a time. Occasionally a patient will present to us with a spot they believe to be a skin tag or an age spot, which we identify as something entirely different. If we determine a spot to be more concerning we may recommend another procedure such as a biopsy which may be covered by insurance. For these reasons we do not recommend self-treatment at home with creams or devices advertised to treat skin tags. Call 208-519-4333 to request a consultation for your skin tags or age spots. You may also request an appointment online. Contact us with your questions today.

To receive a skin examination or dermatologic treatment, request an appointment or call Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center in Boise today.

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As we age and with direct exposure from the environment, comes increased risks of skin tags and age spots. Ask the dermatology experts at Treasure Valley Dermatology for minimally invasive ways to remove these skin conditions.

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