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Warts are one of the most common, and frustrating skin conditions for patients. Nearly everyone will develop a wart at some time in their life. Children are most commonly affected and common areas include the hands, soles of the feet, and the knees.

Warts are caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is common in the environment and easily transmitted between people and surfaces such as pools, wrestling mats, gyms, and other areas.

In most cases patients have tried a myriad of over the counter treatments including freezing, pastes, bandages, vinegar, and many others without success. The experts at Treasure Valley Dermatology can help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan using medical grade therapies.

Our goal at Treasure Valley Dermatology is to provide you with the most effective treatment and limit the number of visits required to resolve the wart.


We use liquid nitrogen to perform cryotherapy as a treatment of warts. Liquid nitrogen is -196 degrees C which is significantly colder than available over the counter freezing spray. This allows our providers to treat your warts in a targeted and much more effective manner. Cryotherapy for warts results in discomfort that lasts only a few minutes. Most warts will go away with a series of 3-5 treatments.


Warts are persistent because they can evade detection by the immune system by staying in the top layers of the skin. In the right circumstances a small injection of candida antigen into the base of the wart will help the body to recognize the HPV virus and mount an immune response to eliminate the wart naturally. Candida is the most common form of yeast in the environment and is easily recognized by the body and eliminated.


Cantharidin is a naturally occurring substance produced by the “blister beetle.” When applied to a wart by a dermatology professional it can cause a small blister to form several hours later which helps to eliminate a wart. This treatment is often used in young children because the in-office application is painless. Patients will wash the area 2-4 hours after application. Several treatments may be needed to eliminate the wart.

Nutritional Supplements

In some cases your provider may recommend certain nutritional supplements to boost your own body’s immune system. Dr. Portela and Mariya Ostermiller will make recommendations based on the best evidence currently available.

Other Therapies

Treasure Valley Dermatology has a number of other therapies to offer when warts have proven stubborn. Chemical peels with TCA, topical immunotherapy with Squaric acid or DPCP, and rarely excision or curettage. In some cases we may recommend vaccination with the currently available HPV vaccine.

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Diagnosis is not always straight forward, which is why we always recommend you see a Boise dermatologist that is specifically trained to diagnose conditions of the skin.

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